About Us

TRUSTANT is setup by its founding members with clear missions and long term goals in mind. We chose the name TRUSTANT because it best represents the ethos of our organisation: TRUST

We believe that trust is the cornerstone of every successful venture, whether it is trust between business partners, trust between a company and its employees, trust between a company and its suppliers and customers, or trust between a company and the community in which it operates.

When you deal with the TRUSTANT Group, you can expect that :

  • we will be fair, as we will focus on a win-win outcome for all our stakeholders
  • we will undertake projects that reflect our values and ethics using an international network of talents
  • we will develop the best possible customised solutions that exceed partners’ expectation
  • we will use our best endeavours to further your business aspirations; and
  • we will be responsible for the success of every venture we undertake