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As globalisation becomes a reality with the affordability of international travelling and the ease of information access via the Internet, barrier of entry via geographical separation is no longer effective in protecting your business.

The wellness industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade in developed countries such as the USA and EU. The annual turnover of the wellness industry is estimated to be around USD 200 Billion in 2007 and the number is expected grow sharply in the next five years. Many innovations and R&D effort has been invested to create high efficacy health food and supplements that are natural based and with no side effect.

TRUSTANT provides niche business consultancy services that help companies with good growth potential to address business needs in selected areas and assist in the market penetration effort in the ASEAN market. Our experts with strong experience in the entire product life-cyle planning can work with you to customise an effective product development and market penetration strategy to capture this fast growing market in ASEAN.

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