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Education and Training

In this ever more competitive market where competition is coming from both local and overseas competitors, it is critical for local companies to continue enhancing their competitive edge and differentiation. This is particularly true for the small and medium enterprise (SME) where its competitiveness is restrained by limited capital and human resources to compete effectively with the global players.

At TRUSTANT, we offer targeted training module for SME to enhance its competitive advantages.

  • Foundation modules:
    • Basic Finance and Accounting
    • Business Communication Essentials
    • Business plan development
    • Marketing development & management
  • Advance modules:
    • Branding
    • Operation management
    • Sales Force management
    • Corporate finance


Differentiation of TRUSTANT training:

  • Mixture of lectures and case studies to apply theory in real business cases
  • Integrated coursework to ensure continuity of information flow throughout the various module
  • 1 to 1 consultation with participants after the class – address individual weaknesses and issues
  • Seminar and events to allow participants to interact with top leaders